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Institute of Political Science


Comparative and European Politics

Prof. Dr. Klaus Armingeon

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We offer courses in the field of Comparative and European Politics. Additionally the chairs of Professor Klaus Armingeon and Professor Adrian Vatter are mainly responsible for the MA program “Comparative and Swiss Politics”.

In our research we focus on comparative studies of social and economic policies, political institutions, and political actors. In particular, we study the interactions between international organizations and nation states in the group of OECD and EU member countries. We also make a conscious effort to systematically include the EU countries in Central and Eastern Europe. In methodological terms, we mainly apply the comparative method using statistical techniques and qualitative-configurative strategies.

Our team has produced a number of comparative data stets. The Comparative Political Data Set I (CPDS) (covering the period of 1960-2011 and the former 'Western’ democracies) and CPDS III (covering the period of 1990-2011 and all mature democracies in the EU and the OECD) are used by a wide variety of researchers across the globe.

The chair is home to a number of research projects. Since 2012 we have been working together with Professor Baccaro (University of Genevea) on a large-scale research project investigating liberalization measures. One product of this research will be a comprehensive database on liberalization policies during the past four decades in more than 30 countries. This project is funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF).  In 2013 we began an additional SNSF project, which examines the implementation and social impact of austerity policies.





Student Assistants


Current projects

Projects with external funding:

Projects without external funding:

  • Coalitions for the Euro (with Skyler Cranmer)
  • Germany in the Sovereign Debt Crisis (with Lucio Baccaro)
  • Change of Power (with Sarah Engler)
  • What Markets Want (with Marco Battaglia)
  • Inequality in Political Participation (with Lisa Schädel)

Completed projects since 2000

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