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Jürg Steiner ist emeritierter Professor an der Universität Bern, sowie Professor für Politikwissenschaft an the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill. Sein Forschungsgebiet ist die vergleichende Politikwissenschaft mit einem besonderen Fokus auf deliberative Politik. Er ist Mitglied der Forschungsgruppe Bern Interdisciplinary Deliberation Studies (BIDS) der Universität Bern. Derzeit fungiert er als Experte des Toskaner Projekts (siehe dazu den Beitrag in der NZZ vom 26.09.2013).

Zu seinen wichtigesten Veröffentlichungen gehören: Amicable Agreement versus Majority Rule, European Democracies, Conscience in Politics, Decision-Making in Smaller Democracies, A Theory of Political Decision Modes, sowie Deliberative Politics in Action (Cambridge University Press, 2004).


Neues Buch zu Deliberation

Im März 2017 erscheint das neue Buch von Jürg Steiner: Deliberation across deeply divided societies. Transformative Moments
(von Jürg Steiner, Maria Clara Jaramillo, Rousiley Maia und Simona Mameli)

Zum Inhalt: "From the local level to international politics, deliberation helps to increase mutual understanding and trust, in order to arrive at political decisions of high epistemic value and legitimacy. This book gives deliberation a dynamic dimension, analysing how levels of deliberation rise and fall in group discussions, and introducing the concept of 'deliberative transformative moments' and how they can be applied to deeply divided societies, where deliberation is most needed but also most difficult to work. Discussions between ex-guerrillas and ex-paramilitaries in Colombia, Serbs and Bosnjaks in Bosnia-Herzegovina, and police officers and locals in Brazilian favelas are used as case studies, with participants addressing how peace can be attained in their countries. Allowing access to the records and transcripts of the discussions opens an opportunity for practitioners of conflict resolution to apply this research to their work in trouble spots of the world, creating a link between the theory and practice of deliberation." (Quelle: Cambridge University Press.)


CV und Publikationen

The Foundations of Deliberative Democracy. Empirical Research and Normative Implications. Cambridge University Press, 2012.
Bookstore in Belgrade with Serbo-Croatian translation of The Foundations of Deliberative Democracy.

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