Personal Foundations of Political Behavior

This project focuses on the personal foundations of political behavior. In particular, the importance of personality traits is evaluated. To capture personality traits conceptually and empirically, the five-factor model ("Big Five") has become established within the psychological discipline. These five character traits represent basic orientations which, although they cannot be observed directly, are reflected in a person's (political) behavior and (political) attitudes.

New Papers

  • The Personality of Stealth Democrats. How traits shape attitudes towards expert-based governments, in: West European Politics, 42(3), 573–592, 2019 (together with Maya Ackermann und Kathrin Ackermann)
  • Opting for an Open Society? Personality Traits and Attitudes toward the Openness of Switzerland, in: Comparative European Politics, 16(3), 413–433, 2018, (together with Kathrin Ackermann und Maya Ackermann).
  • Personality and Voting for a Right-Wing Populist Party – Evidence from Switzerland, in: Swiss Political Science Review, 24(4), 545–564, 2018 (together with Kathrin Ackermann und Eros Zampieri).