Institute of Political Science

Prof. Dr. Freitag, Markus
Since September 2018 assistant and PhD candidate at the institute of political science, University of Bern
Oct 15 – Mar 18
double degree master’s program “Political Science and Public Administration” with a focus on “International Relations and European Integration” and “European Studies” at University of Konstanz, Germany (MA.) and Gothenburg University, Sweden (MSc.)
Oct 14 – Feb 15
teaching assistant for “International Relations and European Integration” as well as “Introduction to Policy Analysis” at University of Konstanz
Sep 13 – Jan 14
exchange semester at Maastricht University, Netherlands, minor in “European Studies”
Apr 13 – Jul 13
teaching assistant for “Comparative Political Systems” at University of Konstanz
Oct 12 – Feb 13
teaching assistant for “The Political System of Germany” at University of Konstanz
Oct 11 – Apr 15
bachelor studies in “Politics and Public Administration” at University of Konstanz (BA.)


  • Erhardt, J., Freitag, M., Filsinger, M., Wamsler, S. (2021). The Emotional Foundations of Political Support: How Fear and Anger Affect Trust in the Government in Times of the Covid-19 Pandemic. Swiss Political Science Review, Online First.
  • Filsinger, M., Wamsler, S., Erhardt, J., Freitag, M. (2021). National Identity and Populism: The Relationship between Conceptions of Nationhood and Populist Attitudes. Nations and Nationalism, Online First.
  • Erhardt, J., Wamsler, S., Freitag, M. (2021). National identity between democracy and autocracy: a comparative analysis of 24 countries. European Political Science Review, 13(1), 59-76.