Seit Oktober 2015 Doktorand und Assistent am Lehrstuhl für Vergleichende und Europapolitik, Universität Bern
Sept. – Dez. 2018
Forschungsaufenthalt am Europäischen Hochschulinstitut (EUI), Fiesole (IT)
März – August 2016 Forschungsassistent am Kompetenzzentrum für Public Management, Universität Bern
Seit 2015 Programmleiter Migration beim aussenpolitischen Think-Tank foraus
2014 – 2015 Hilfsassistent am Lehrstuhl für Vergleichende und Europapolitik, Universität Bern
2013 – 2015 Masterstudium in Schweizerischer und Vergleichender Politik an der Universität Bern
2009 – 2013
Bachelorstudium in Sozialwissenschaften und Osteuropa-Studien an den Universitäten Bern, Fribourg und Ljubljana.


Inside the Migration State: The Quest for Democratic Legitimacy

Migration is an evident consequence of globalization and at the same time the main concern of European constituencies against a more globalized world. Liberal democracies in Western Europe face an increasing conflict between the economic necessity to remain open to migration and political demands for closure as a result of the politicization of migration. The research project tackles the dilemma for national governments striving for democratic legitimacy between competing policy imperatives of openness and closure. How do political elites reconcile responsiveness and responsibility in migration policy making? The project combines theoretical approaches of democratic representation, political economy and party politics. A large-N comparative analysis of West European countries is complemented with a Swiss Case Study on the (non-)implementation of the popular initiative 'against mass immigration'. The research bears important implications for migration policy making in times of globalization.