Dr. Marlène Gerber

Année Politique Suisse / Assistant

Institute of Political Science

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Année Politique Suisse
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Marlène Gerber (Dr.rer.soc.) is Deputy Director of the Année Politique Suisse, the Yearbook of Swiss Politics, at the Institute of Political Science, University of Bern. In 2013, she finished her PhD thesis on the potential for deliberation among EU citizens, based on a project funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation. During her PhD, she worked as a research assistant at the Universities of Bern, Zurich and Lucerne. From 2004 to 2010, she studied political science, geography and international humanitarian law at the University of Bern, Switzerland (lic. rer. soc, equivalent to MA). During her studies, she worked as a student assistant at the University of Bern and spent an exchange semester at the University of Helsinki, Finland.


Année Politique Suisse

Deliberation, direct democracy, political communication and media, urban land use planning, environmental politics.

Articles in peer-reviewed journals

  • Bochsler, Daniel, Marlène Gerber and David Zumbach (forthcoming). The 2015 National Elections in Switzerland : Renewed Polarization and Shift to the Right. Accepted in Regional and Federal Studies.
  • Gerber, Marlène, André Bächtiger, Susumu Shikano, Simon Reber and Samuel Rohr (forthcoming). Deliberative Abilities and Deliberative Influence in a Transnational Deliberative Poll (EuroPolis). Accepted in British Journal of Political Science.
  • Bühlmann, Marc, David Zumbach and Marlène Gerber (2016). Campaign Strategies at the Swiss National Elections 2015: Nationalization, Coordination, and Personalization. Accepted in Swiss Political Science Review.
  • Gerber, Marlène (2015). Equal Partners in Dialogue? Participation Equality in a Transnational Deliberative Poll (Europolis). Political Studies 63(S1): 110-130. doi: 10.1111/1467-9248.12183
  • Gerber, Marlène and Marc Bühlmann (2014). Do Ads Add Up? The Impact of Parties’ Advertisements on the Stability of Vote Choice at the Swiss National Elections 2011. Swiss Political Science Review 20(4): 632-650. doi: 10.1111/spsr.12132
  • Gerber, Marlène, André Bächtiger, Irena Fiket, Marco Steenbergen and Jürg Steiner (2014). Deliberative and Non-Deliberative Persuasion: Mechanisms of Opinion Formation in EuroPolis. European Union Politics 15(3): 410–429. doi:10.1177/1465116514528757
  • Marquis, Lionel, Hans-Peter Schaub and Marlène Gerber (2011). The Fairness of Media Coverage in Question: An Analysis of Referendum Campaigns on Welfare State Issues in Switzerland. Swiss Political Science Review 17(2): 128–163. doi: 10.1111/j.1662-6370.2011.02015.x

Book Chapters

  • Bühlmann, Marc und Marlène Gerber (2015). Von der Unterschichtspartei zur Partei des gehobenen Mittelstands? Stabilität und Wandel der Wählerschaften der Sozialdemokraten und anderer grosser Schweizer Parteien zwischen 1971 und 2011. In Freitag, Markus und Adrian Vatter (Hrsg.), Wahlen und Wählerschaft in der Schweiz. Zürich, NZZ Libro (S. 71-94).
  • Bächtiger, André and Marlène Gerber (2014). ‘Gentlemanly Conversation’ or Vigorous Contestation? An Exploratory Analysis of Communiction Modes in a Transnational Deliberative Poll (Europolis). In Grönlund, Kimmo, André Bächtiger and Maja Setälä (eds.), Deliberative Mini-Publics: Involving Citizens in the Democratic Process. Colchester: ECPR Press (pg. 115-133).

Various contributions to the Swiss Political Yearbook – Jahrbuch Schweizerische Politik (in German), notably on

  • Boden- und Wohnwirtschaft; Erhaltung der Umwelt; Kultur, Sprache, Kirchen; Medien (2013)
  • Boden- und Wohnwirtschaft; Erhaltung der Umwelt (2012)
  • Boden- und Wohnwirtschaft; Erhaltung der Umwelt (2011)
  • Boden- und Wohnwirtschaft; Kultur, Sprache, Kirchen (2010)
  • Boden- und Wohnwirtschaft; Kultur, Sprache, Kirchen (2009)

Other Publications

  • Bochsler, Daniel, Marlène Gerber und David Zumbach (2015). „The 2015 Swiss elections: A landslide win for the right, despite limited changes in vote share“, at European Politics and Policy (EUROPP) (24 October 2015).
  • Gerber, Marlène und Sean Müller (2015). „4 cool graphs that explain Sunday’s Swiss elections“, at The Monkey Cage (23 October 2015).
  • Gerber, Marlène and Sean Müller (2015). „It’s confusing when the Swiss go to the polls. Here are 6 surprising things about their elections“, at The Monkey Cage (16 October 2015).
  • Bühlmann, Marc and Marlène Gerber (2015). „Wählerverhalten im Wandel“, at DeFacto (16 October 2015).
  • 2015/2016: Training in empirical research and research skills in the social sciences (Empirisches Forschungspraktikum mit Arbeitstechniken, 10 ECTS)
  • 2014: Tutorial and seminar „Working skills in social sciences“ (Arbeitstechniken in den Sozialwissenschaften, 6 ECTS)
  • 2007, 2008 & 2010: Tutoring courses to the Lecture „Introduction to Political Science I“ (Übung - Einführung in die Politikwissenschaft I, 1.5 ECTS)