Dr. Sean Mueller is Ambizione Researcher (funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation) for the period of October 2016 until September 2019. Before that, he was editorial assistant of the Swiss Political Science Review (2013–16) and post-doc at Berne. He is co-convenor of the working group on Federalism & Territorial Politics of the Swiss Political Science Association (since 2011), in the editorial board of Fédéralisme-Régionalisme (since 2013), a project member of De-Centralisation (since 2014), and associate member of the Observatoire de la vie politique régionale (since 2016). In spring 2016 and 2017, he was lecturing Politique suisse et comparée at the University of Lausanne, replacing Prof.s Dietmar Braun and Ioannis Papadopoulos, respectively.

18 October 2017

SR2 Kultur "Kontext, Gespräch zu Sezessionen in Europa. Audio [in German] here

19 June 2017

Guest at RSI2's show "60 minute" to discuss the succession of Burkhalter. Video [in Italian] here

18 June 2017

Invited at TeleBielingue to discuss the historic vote in Moutier. Video [German+French] here

6–8 June 2017

Book presentation in Bellinzona/TI; echo at RSI-TV, RSI-Radio, Giornale del Popolo, and Swissinfo.ch [all in Italian]

8 May 2017

Watson.ch: "5 Gründe für das Burka-Nein an der Landsgemeinde Glarus" [Interview in German]

20 February 2015

SRF Regionaljournal Bern-Fribourg-Wallis: “Mehr Rechte für den Berner Jura” [text in German, talk in Swiss-German].

25 November 2014

TALK at TeleBielingue: “La question jurassienne : un an après le vote du novembre 2013” [debate in in French].

Regular classes

2016+17: "Politique suisse et comparée" (spring): BA lecture, University of Lausanne; in French.

2013–: „Introduction to Swiss Politics“ (autumn term) and „Territory and Power in Switzerland“ (spring term): BA seminars, University of Berne; all in English.


Invited talks and lectures

2013–: "Le Fonctionnement du Parlement Suisse", annual lecture given in Berne for law students from the University of Neuchâtel (Prof. Blaise Carron).

2011–: "Federalism vs. Democracy", lecture held annually at the CIFE Summer School in Canterbury/UK, August.

2012: "Power, Territory and War: The Case of Georgian-Russian Relations", lecture given at the Canterbury Christ Church University/UK, for the BA class on International Relations, 21 February 2012.

2011: "Swiss Federalism: Origin, Operation, Significance", lecture given at the University of Kent/UK, for the MA class by Prof. Michael Burgess on comparative federalism, 18 October 2011.

2007+08: "Introduction au système politique Suisse", lectures given at the Institute of Federalism in Fribourg/CH for a delegation of students from Québec.

2008: "Collegialism and Direct Democracy: Two Reinforcing Elements of Swiss Federalism", lecture given in Fribourg/CH for a delegation of the Tanzania Joint Finance Commission, 22 September.

2007: "Federalism as an Institution of Political Power Control", lecture given at the Chancellor’s College, University of Malawi, 9 October.


(With Wolf Linder) "Schweizerische Demokratie: Institutionen, Strukturen, Prozesse". 4. Auflage. Bern: Haupt (2017).

"Theorising Decentralisation: Comparative Evidence from Sub-National Switzerland." ECPR Press (July 2015).

[Reviews: Wolf Linder in Swiss Political Science Review, Jan Erk in Regional & Federal Studies]

Edited volumes, special issues and symposia

(With Nathalie Behnke) "The Purpose of Intergovernmental Councils in Federal States". Special issue of Regional & Federal Studies (27:5; November 2017).

(With Anja Giudici) "Federalismo Svizzero: Attori, Strutture e Processi". Locarno: Armando Dadò (May 2017). Series on Le sfide della Svizzera.

(With David Siroky and Michael Hechter) "Centre-Periphery Bargaining in the Age of Democracy". Special issue of Swiss Political Science Review (22:4; December 2016).

(With Oscar Mazzoleni) "Regionalist Parties in Western Europe: Dimensions of Success". London/New York: Routledge (2016), "Party Families in Europe" series. [Review: Hugo Marcos-Marne in SPSR]

(With Adrian Vatter & Markus Freitag) "Switzerland’s New Challenge: Governing After the 2015 Elections." Swiss Political Science Review 22:1 (March 2016).

(With Alain-G. Gagnon & Soeren Keil) "Understanding Federalism and Federation". Routledge (July 2015). [Reviews: Min Reuchamps in SPSR, Peter Bussjäger in Publius]

(With Markus Freitag & Adrian Vatter) "Switzerland’s Immigration Challenge: A Symposium." Swiss Political Science Review 21:1 (March 2015).

(With Michael Burgess & Soeren Keil) "Federalism and Identity". Federal Governance 10:2 (2013).

Research Articles (peer-reviewed)

(With Julian Bernauer) "Party unity in federal disunity: determinants of decentralised policy-seeking in Switzerland". West European Politics, Early View (November 2017).

(With Paolo Dardanelli) "Dynamic De/Centralisation in Switzerland, 1848–2010". Publius: The Journal of Federalism, Early View (September 2017).

(With Marlène Gerber) "When the people speak – and decide: deliberation and direct democracy in the citizen assembly of Glarus, Switzerland". Policy & Politics, Early View (June 2017).

(With Adrian Vatter and Tobias Arnold) “State Capture from Below? The Contradictory Effects of Decentralisation on Public Spending”. Journal of Public Policy 37:4 (December 2017), 363-400.

(With Nathalie Behnke) "The purpose of intergovernmental councils: A framework for analysis and comparison". Regional & Federal Studies 27:5 (November 2017), 507-27.

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“The Politics of Local Autonomy: Measuring Cantonal (De)Centralisation in Switzerland”. Space and Polity 15:3 (December 2011), 213–239.

“The Conflict between Basescu and Tariceanu – A Governmental System Viewpoint.” Sfera Politicii–Romanian Political Science Journal No. 126–127 (June 2007), 50–61.

Book Chapters

(With Jean-Luc Gassmann) "Switzerland: The Curious Case of Elected Prefects". Forthcoming in "Prefects, governors & commissioners: A European survey on territorial representatives of the State", ed. Gildas Tanguy and Jean-Michel Eymeri-Douzans. Brussels: Bruylant.

(With Adrian Vatter) "Federalism and Decentralisation in Switzerland". In: Karlhofer, Ferdinand and Günther Pallaver (eds.): "Federal Power-Sharing in Europe". Baden-Baden: Nomos (2017), pp. 39–63

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(With Julian Bernauer) "Einheit in der Vielfalt? Ausmass und Gründe der Nationalisierung von Schweizer Parteien". In: Markus Freitag and Adrian Vatter (eds.), "Wahlen und Wählerschaft in der Schweiz", Zürich: Verlag NZZ (2015), pp. 325–354.

"Switzerland: Federalism as an Ideology of Balance". In: Gagnon/Keil/Mueller (eds.), "Understanding Federalism and Federation" (2015), pp. 105–124.

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Book Reviews

"Oscar Mazzoleni (2017): Les défis du régionalisme politique en Suisse: Le Tessin et ses relations avec Berne.” Swiss Political Science Review (October 2017).

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Other publications

(With Alexander Arens, Tobias Arnold and Adrian Vatter) "Föderalismus und Dezentralisierung in der Schweiz: Die politischen Effekte der Föderalismusreform NFA". In Jahrbuch des Föderalismus 2017, ed. Europäisches Zentrum für Föderalismusforschung Tübingen. Baden-Baden: Nomos, pp. 184-195.

(With Marlène Gerber and Hans-Peter Schaub) Umfrage zur Landsgemeinde des Kantons Glarus: Forschungsbericht. Bern (December 2016).

(With Marlène Gerber) "The parliamentary and executive elections in Switzerland, 2015." Electoral Studies 43 (September 2016), pp. 194–197.

(With Marc Bühlmann) "Mischverfassung statt Mehrheitsentscheidung". Erwägen-Wissen-Ethik 25(3) (2014), pp. 391–393.

“Notes on recent elections: The parliamentary elections in the Republic of Georgia, 2012”. Electoral Studies 34 (June 2014), pp. 342–346.

(With Paolo Dardanelli) “Notes on recent elections: The parliamentary and executive elections in Switzerland, 2011”. Electoral Studies 32 (March 2013), pp. 197–201.

In the United Kingdom

Witness at the Scottish Parliament, Devolution (Further Powers) Committee, 17 September 2015 (Agenda and Report).

(With Clive Church and Paolo Dardanelli) “Switzerland’s approach to EU engagement: a financial services perspective”, report prepared for the City of London Corporation, April 2013.

(With Clive Church and Paolo Dardanelli) “The ‘Swiss Model’ of Relations with the EU and its relevance for the UK”, in The future of the European Union: UK Government policy, ed. House of Commons Foreign Relations Committee, pp. 39–45 (May 2012).

In Switzerland

Invited expert on direct democracy in Switzerland, 21 November 2016, SDC/DEZA.

Invited expert on the Swiss governmental elections, 9 December 2015, Präsenz Schweiz/Berne.

Invited expert on the Swiss parliamentary elections, 14 October 2015, UK embassy in Berne.

“Local Self-Government in Switzerland – Between Federalism and Decentralisation”, IFF/IRCC Working Paper, presented at the “Conference on Local Government in Sudan” in Khartoum/Sudan, 28–29 April 2008. [Funded by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation SDC.]

(With Lidija R. Basta Fleiner) “Conflict Dynamics Indicators and Decentralisation Processes.“ IFF/IRCC Factsheet, Fribourg/CH, May 2007. [Funded by the SDC.]

(With Sarah Byrne and Gabriela Mirescu) “Decentralisation and Access to Justice – A Literature Review.” IFF/IRCC Factsheet, Fribourg/CH, January 2007. [Funded by the SDC.]

Reviewer activity

  • Journals: Publius, Regional & Federal Studies, European Journal of Political Research, Political Studies, Policy Studies, Revue Internationale de Politique Comprée, Foreign Policy Analysis, International Review of Administrative Sciences, Federal Governance
  • Grant bodies: Austrian Academy of Sciences, Research Foundation Flanders, Romanian Executive Agency for Higher Education, Research, Development and Innovation Funding

Current research

I've recently presented my current research papers at the folllowing conferences:

  • Swiss Political Science Association Annual Conference in St. Gallen (11–12 January 2017)
  • Dreiländertangung deutschsprachiger Polit.wiss.vereinigungen, Heidelberg (29 Sept – 1 Oct 2016)
  • ECPR General Conference, Prag (8–10 September 2016)
  • IPSA World Congress in Poznan, Poland (24–27 July 2016)
  • Swiss Political Science Association Annual Conference in Basel (21-22 January 2016)
  • IPSA RC 28 Conference in Edinburgh (16-18 September 2015)
  • ECPR General Conference in Montréal (27-29 August 2015)
  • CES Annual Conference in Paris (8-10 July 2015)
  • ASU workshop on religion and politics in Tempe AZ (26-27 February 2015)
  • Swiss Political Science Association Annual Conference in Lausanne (5-7 February 2014)
  • Nationale Föderalismuskonferenz in Solothurn (27-28 November 2014)
  • University of Berne Self-Determination Conference (9-11 October 2014)
  • ECPR General Conference in Glasgow (3-6 September 2014)
  • APSA Annual Conference in Washington, DC (28-31 August 2014)
  • IPSA World Congress in Montréal (20-24 July 2014)
  • CES Annual Conference in Washington, DC (14-16 March 2014)
  • Swiss Political Science Association Annual Conference in Berne (30-31 January 2014)

Earlier conference papers

(With Oscar Mazzoleni and Philippe Koch) “Vertical Careers and Multilevel Institutional Experience. A typology of parliamentary candidates in Switzerland”. Paper presented at the 7th ECPR General Conference in Bordeaux, 4–7 September 2013.

(With Marie-Hélène Schrobiltgen) „Confederalism in Belgium: Requiem or Hymn?” Paper presented at the 12th annual meeting of the Nederlandse Kring voor Wetenschap der Politiek (NKWP) and the Vereniging voor Politieke Wetenschappen (VPW) in Ghent, 30–31 May 2013.

(With Oscar Mazzoleni and Philippe Koch) “Cursus honorum and multilevel career patterns in Switzerland: A typology and three hypotheses”. Paper presented at the Annual Conference of the Swiss PSA in Zurich, 1–2 February 2013.

(With Soeren Keil) “Fiscal Federalism and Solidarity: ‘Demoicracy’ in Switzerland and the European Union”. Paper presented at the workshop on “Demoicracy” in the EU: The Design and Functioning of Multi-level Democracy in Zurich, 1–2 Nov 2012.

(With Paolo Dardanelli) “Localism or Centralism? Exploring ‘Macro-Local’ Reforms in the Swiss Cantons.” Paper presented at the 62nd PSA Annual Conference in Belfast, 3–5 April 2012. [Conference grant obtained from the PSA Postgraduate Fund: £100]

“Why Decentralisation? A socio-cultural explanation with evidence from the Swiss cantons.” Paper presented at the Annual Congress of the Swiss PSA in Lucerne, 2–3 February 2012.

(With Jean-Luc Gassmann) “An elected prefect, a lost prefect?” Paper [in French] presented at the workshop on “Figures du préfet – une comparaison européenne”, Science Po Toulouse, 17–18 November 2011. [Funding for travel and accommodation obtained from host institution, ca. 400€]

(With Marie-Hélène Schrobiltgen) „Requiem or Hymn? Commemorating Confederalism and Re-inventing Confederations.” Paper presented at the Conference on “Belgium: The State of the Federation” in Brussels, 14 October 2011.

“Explaining Multilevel Electoral Turnout: Comparative Evidence from Sub-national Switzerland”. Paper presented at the Annual Congress of French-Speaking PSAs in Brussels, 20–22 April 2011. [Funding obtained from the PSA Overseas Fund: £340]

“The Free-List Electoral System as Territorial Integration: Communal Federalism in Canton Glarus”. Paper [in German] presented at the “3-Länder-Tagung” of the German, Austrian and Swiss PSAs in Basel, 13–14 January 2011.

“National, Confederal, Regional, Inter-Local? The Scale of Political Parties in the Canton of Glarus, Switzerland”. Paper presented at the panel “Where’s the party?”, Annual Congress of the Italian PSA in Venice, 16–18 September 2010.

"Moutier, Quo Vadis?", at DeFacto (18 February 2016).

(With Jonanna Künzler) "Vom Tanzen auf mehreren Hochzeiten", at Institut für Föderalismus Innsbruck (10 February 2016).

"Warum zentralisieren?", at DeFacto (11 January 2016).

(With Marlène Gerber) "4 cool graphs that explain Sunday’s Swiss elections", at The Monkey Cage (23 October 2015)

(With Marlène Gerber) "It’s confusing when the Swiss go to the polls. Here are 6 surprising things about their elections", at The Monkey Cage (16 October 2015)

(With Thomas Milic) "Direct democracy in Switzerland: Yes to the army, vaccinations, and petrol station shops", at The Monkey Cage (23 September 2013)

"Post-Election Report: 2012 Georgian Parliamentary Election", at The Monkey Cage (2 October 2012)

"The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: 2012 Georgian Parliamentary Elections Pre-Election Report", at The Monkey Cage (29 September 2012)

(With Paolo Dardanelli) "Switzerland's Post-Election Report: 2011 Parliamentary Elections, at The Monkey Cage (25 October 2011)


2009-13: PhD on explaining intra-cantonal decentralisation in Switzerland, University of Kent in Canterbury, UK (viva voce: May 2013; award: November 2013)

2007-08: Research Fellow, Institute of Federalism in Fribourg

2003-04: Erasmus exchange student, Università La Sapienza, Rome

2001-06: lic.phil. (=MA), University of Fribourg, with a thesis on Romanian Semi-Presidentialism (summa cum laude).

Teaching experience

2009 & 2013: MA classes in political science at TSU, Ilia & GIPA universities in Tbilisi, Georgia

2012: Class on "EU Politics", Canterbury Christ Church University

2009-11: BA seminar leader in "comparative politics" &" politics of the Middle East", University of Kent

Summer Schools attended

2015: ECPR Methods School, Ljubljana (R & multivariate regression)

2011: "Social Science Methods", Swiss Summer School in Lugano/CH.

2010: ECPR "Federalism & Regionalism" Summer School, Edinburgh.

2008: "Fiscal Decentralisation", Central European University, Budapest.

2007: "Federalism, Constitutionalism, and Democratic Governance in Multicultural Societies", Institute of Federalism, Fribourg/CH.


2009: Intern at the Agricultural Division of Canton Glarus (3 months)

2005: Intern at the Swiss Embassy in Bucharest (3 months)

2001: Intern at the Südostschweiz Presse AG (1 month)

2000-02: Freelance journalist, Südostschweiz (daily)