The Social and Political Legacies of Civil War

This research project is devoted to the social and political legacies of civil wars. Of particular interest is the extent to which past experiences of war affect the social and political life of those affected after a certain period of peace (social and political trust, tolerance, political behavior). In particular, we examine the situation in Kosovo and Sri Lanka in the years following the civil war.

New Papers

  • Civil War and the Formation of Social Trust in Kosovo: Post-traumatic Growth or War-related Distress?, in: Journal of Conflict Resolution, 62(4), 717–742, 2016 (together with Sara Kijewski).
  • The Tolerance of Tamils: War-Related Experiences, Psychological Pathways, and the Probability of Granting Civil Liberties to Former Enemies. The Journal of Politics, 81(4): 1328-1341, 2019 (together with mit Carolin Rapp und Sara Kijewski).
  • The Silent Victims of Sexual Violence During War: Evidence from a List Experiment in Sri Lanka, in: Journal of Conflict Resolution, 63(9), 2015-2042, 2019 (together with Richard Traunmüller und Sara Kijewski).