Roots of Political Support

This project deals with different aspects of political support and its causes. To capture political support, we rely on five different measures that are commonly used in the political culture literature as aspects of political support (community, principles, performance, institutions, authorities). The project is based on both a Large-N comparison as well as on detailed analyses of Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom. The doctoral thesis of Julian Erhardt is embedded in this project.

New Papers

  • The Emotional Foundations of Political Support: How Fear and Anger Affect Trust in the Government in Times of the Covid-19 Pandemic, in: Swiss Political Science Review (together with Julian Erhardt, Max Filsinger, and Steffen Wamsler). DOI:
  • National Identity between Democracy and Autocracy: A Comparative Analysis of 24 Countries, in: European Political Science Review (together with Julian Erhardt and Steffen Wamsler). DOI:
  • The Impact of Associational Life on Trust in Local Institutions. A Comparison of 57 Swiss Municipalities, in: Local Government Studies, 42(4): 616–636, 2016 (together with Maya Ackermann).
  • Direct Democracy and Institutional Trust: Relationships and Differences across Personality Traits, in: Political Psychology, 37(5), 707–723, 2016 (together with Kathrin Ackermann).